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Thinking Maps

Thinking Maps
Thinking Maps are graphic organizers that support specific thinking skills and allow students to
organize information. They allow students to better outline writing assignments or compare and contrast
two different things. 
Click on the Thinking Map below to see image samples

Circle Map

The Circle Map is used for Brainstorming or Defining in Context

Flow Map

The Flow Map is used for Sequence of Events or for anything that has a Step-by-Step Process

Bubble Map

The Bubble Map is used for Describing (use adjectives or adjective phrases)

Double Bubble Map

The Double Bubble Map is used for Comparing and Contrasting (Similarities & Differences)

Tree Map

The Tree Map is used for Classifying or Categorizing

Brace Map

The Brace Map is for showing The Whole and all its Parts

Multi-Flow Map

The Multi-Flow Map is used for showing Cause & Effect

Bridge Map

The Bridge Map is used to Show Analogies (and their relating factor)