Student Registration is Open / El Registro de Estudiantes está Abierto

Click the blue link or image below to access the Online Enrollment portal:

         AERIES >>>        


The Following Documents are Available in the Attachment 1 PDF :

See below.

  •      Enrollment Packet Letter for Parents (English and Spanish)
  •      LUSD Student Enrollment Form (5 pages)
  •      Student Emergency Card & Health Insurance Questionnaire (English and Spanish)
  •      Title I Form
  •      Home Language Survey (English/Spanish)
  •      Report of Health Examination (English and Spanish)
  •      Oral Health Assessment Letter (English and Spanish)
  •      Oral Health Assessment Form (English and Spanish)
  •      Program Placement Options (English and Spanish)  
For more information on student enrollment, contact the front office
at (310) 603-1511 or 
district at (310) 886-1600.